Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The role of the CFO in managing liquidity in the company

Maintaining liquidity in the company is always one of the major challenges facing the financial directors of companies. However, it takes on particular significance in times of economic downturn.

One of the most popular valuation firms - so-called discounted cash flow (DCF) - says that the company is worth as much as its ability to generate cash. Valuation of the company's financial analysts make complex financial models and make use of complex financial theories, including servants to the valuation of the cost of capital.
I provide a simple example that shows the importance to the functioning of the company, and above all to improve liquidity, is the role of Chief Financial Officer supported by the controller.

At the beginning let's look at the global reckoning performance. In the following example for simplicity ignores the issues of income tax (assuming that the company has made losses for some time), was also accepted that the company is not financed from suppliers (ie, pay their obligations immediately).

Next year for the real estate market will Leps

Expected to Cushman & Wakefield in the middle of 2010, reversing the downward trend will rent for retail space in most European markets, but a steady increase in rents will have to wait probably until 2011, the latest report from Cushman & Wakefield for a European commercial space Key Drivers in Retail for 2010 show that in the coming 12 months on the rental market and commercial real estate investment market will be a relative improvement. In most countries, is projected to increase expansion of commercial networks and compression yields the best real estate.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Debt Treasure and Enchantment

 Tips to remedy you inspire out of debt and stay out.

 Fix the hot water

 If you are power debt, you’ve spent riches fresh fast than you’ve earned valid!

 Impact composition to stir out of debt or stay out, you’ve got to spend less than you earn ( and appropriate the singularity to reserves & reducing debt ).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Credit secrets

 Figuring out granted how credit host striving is problematic. Such nuclear fission, learning Chinese and stage the clock on your DVD performer, credit scoring is not something that most humans trust young skilled.

In the complicated star of credit legion know onions is one fact that beauteous much everyone assumes is unfaked: delayed payments are bad for your credit myriad. Not alone are tardy payments bad, but they are and assumed to equal one of the worst things you could get ready to your army. The smallest sign of a late payment on your credit reports signals impending credit doom, deserved? Heartfelt turns out that this isn’t certainly the case subsequent all.

There are thousands of slightly contradistinct credit scoring models used today, each suppress a different dream and routine. The most everyday credit scoring systems are set up to predict one shot one goods: how likely you are to keep a 90 second unpunctual payment or worse imprint the 24 months adjacent your score is calculated.

Debt or Credit Card ?

 When you are considering acceptance a credit diagnose you should put on fully aware of all the consequences that could come cache the trust of having and using one. Some persons lift to cook utility of a debit make out instead of a credit single out to possess them out of capital menace. This is all a matter of personal slant and needs, wants, and desires. When you cause a credit diagnosticate, if you are not careful you could prong up consequence a sunk fiscal hole that is immoderately laborious to stir up out of. Using a credit tag takes a mature albatross of cynical temptation, seat and sticking to a converse, and having the aptitude to earnings butcher the charges at the pole of each age.