Monday, November 1, 2010

From student to millionaire

Many students after completing their education poses the question: what next? Prevent the entry of graduates into the labor market may be the lack of the required experience or a higher financial expectations than those offered in the first job. For many young people also has a need for independence, which does not follow through in a foreign company. In pursuing their own business - quite the contrary. It is for these people, e-business seems to be created.

There is no golden formula for success. But there are ways to increase your chance of earning big money, without having a bulky capital. One of them is it just the Internet. According to the study, "The USA market for e-commerce," a Direct Marketing Association (SMB) in 2010, the value of transactions on the network will reach 15.5 billion zlotys. Through the same stores to shop Americans spent in 2009, up 15.33 billion. The forecasts are optimistic. E-commerce market in USA is growing at a rate of several per cent per annum. In earlier years galloped at a rate of tens per cent. So if you have the creativity, take advantage of rapidly growing potential of the Internet. How to cheat on this moving train?

What counts is the idea
Putting your business online should begin with the tried and tested, or on the contrary - a novel idea. In the first case, for example, you can preview what is happening on the pioneer in this respect, the U.S. market and the "transplant" these ideas on the Polish soil. There are plenty of opportunities: social networking, entertainment, news, search engines, blogs and videoblogs etc. It does not require large financial outlays, but tact and good knowledge of the market.

On the other side of the Internet is a recipe for a career in the life incarnation of innovative ideas. The easiest way is waiting talented programmers and computer science graduates. The creation of a popular application or game is almost a guaranteed recipe for success. However, the concern of its rights to sell or sign a license agreement is the best way to earn big money. Huh example of those who find the art really has gone. Polish developer Moose's Eve, he created an application designed to ArtStudio iPad. He signed a contract with the App Store - Apple and licensed shop now earns 70 cents from each download their program. Given that the product is very popular in the U.S. and within a few months has been sold 30 thousand in number. copies, soon we should look out for Moose's Eve on the list of millionaires.

With the recruitment of the force of his original idea could be used already gained qualifications. If you are a graduate in political science, we can create a site dedicated to the Polish political life. If you have completed cultural studies, we can think of an alternative city guide or portal recenzującym literature appropriate for each country. The possibilities are endless.

If we are not sufficiently inventive or creative in the use of foreign start-ups, try a safer, but still profitable business. Are there stores. According to research Gemius (e-commerce market - September 2009) the best prospects are before us online delicatessen and grocery stores. 'Sites' websites have the advantage over traditional, that their operating costs are much lower. This translates easily to the price range, making it more attractive to customers. Not to mention the savings in time for driving to the malls and standing in queues. It requires the signing of a favorable contract with the producer of goods that are going to sell and find suppliers. Remember we also have a web payment systems.
Support Professionals
Everyone, even the best idea to have knowledge and experience to support companies that support e-business. If we are not at the same time specialists in information technology, law, management and online payments - we need assistance from professionals. They will be needed at each stage of our idea of life - web design, creating a business plan, obtaining grants, development of model contracts. Unless you are wealthy enough already, we can not forget that part of our plan is not for the sake of progress, but to make money. The best big companies. So do not be afraid of companies that will enable us to conduct and facilitate e-business.

Among those with whom we work long term for sure there will be lawyers, without which the conduct of serious business today is impossible. We will also assist in accounting, marketing experts sometimes. We will also be needed, network administrators and IT support to keep our business. Do not neglect the basics. Since we are planning to sell something online, we need to prepare both the client and your business. The convenient, efficient and secure method to purchase and pay for their services, the sooner our business will grow. For this reason it is important to provide a professional service for online payments. If all of these conditions will meet, the chances I will be really big profits.
Needed is the desire of
First of all, let's give ourselves a chance. If you have an idea, which we believe are not consumed with negative thinking. Włóżmy in him all his passion and desire, and to succeed, and thus - the financial dividends will not be long in coming. The world belongs to the brave. This formula is not heavily worn loses today on the news. While we're young and fresh out of college, you should use your energy to fulfill their dreams. With forty or fifty years, we no longer have the motivation.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm finally finding this out. I've recently started my online business and have seen a little results. $5 to be exact but you have to start somewhere.